In spite of everything Human Beings

Thousands of corpses every year. Thousands of crimes against women of all ages, of all countries.                          

Killed because women, killed, tortured, raped just because women.

In every country, in every time. These things happen not just in those countries famous to be the home of violence and misogyny. These things happen everywhere in our supposed pacific home, in our democratic states.

Women are still tortured, still violated, exploited, despised, fired and put on fire.                                                                                In my homecountry violence kills more than cancer, family and friends more than strangers – those we have learnt to be afraid of as scapegoats.

In Argentina, Chile, India, China but also in Italy, Spain, France, USA women aren’t enough respected and protected. Women continue to receive poorer wages than men and are those easier to fire when needed, just because women. Women have been and are considered the weak side of society not according what they do but what they simply were, are.

There’s a proliferation of ONGs and associations taking care of women, of their rights but this instead of making me happy, scares me even more. We need someone who takes care of our rights if these ones aren’t respected, we need an ONG to look over us if our governments don’t do it as they should. 

I’m tired of being the weak sex, I’m tired of being part of a minority, I’m tired to do things twice better to look as good as a man, as deserving respect as a man. I’m tired of reading that a woman can die just because her teenage killer doesn’t recognize in her a human being deserving to live in a good way, deserving respect.


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