Music for Gaza

Sonia is leaving tomorrow for Gaza. She’ll see Egypt and then the desert of Sinai, to finally reach Gaza. She will be interrogated for maybe hours before entering the border, even though they surely already know everything about herself and what she does.

What does she do? She works for a NGO that collects food, medecines, school stuff, toys to take to those who live in an open cage.

She works there almost everyday to prepare 20kg boxes, one for each of the poorest families of Gaza, full of food. She organizes festivals to collect as much as possible to take with her in her trip.

So tomorrow she is finally leaving, she has bought new shoes to face the sand, the rocks, those paths she is not used to, she has studied a bit of arabic, and she is ready to mediate, to answer about the reasons that brought her to a not easy to cross border.

She will be there because if the governements do not want to change a situation of constant despise of human rights, she wants.

She doesn’t not only want to give the population some essential goods that lack, which is already a great thing, she wants to tell Gaza people that the other part of the world, at least a part of it, DOES care about them.

And she wants to tell us, the others, that if you live in Gaza you learn to be ready to rebuild your home lots of times because you know that a bomb could destroy it, you’re ready to the grief of a loss and you’re ready to die, everyday.

She wants to tell how the bullets draw strange figures on kindergarten walls, if not on human faces. Will someone listen to her story?

Buon viaggio Sonia.


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