Sogno o son desta?

Normally I don’t upload these videos ’cause I didn’t want this space to become a sort of political arena but I’m so shocked, and surprisingly even more every day, by the kind of people that are ruling my country that I couldn’t avoid talking about this nth unbelievable event: Renata Polverini, a PDL politician that runned Lazio, the region where Rome is, has resigned after her assistants have used party money for their personal purposes. While taxes grew even for disabled people, obliged now to pay for medical cares, her assistants’ wages grew up of 1400% rising up to 13,000 euros per month (a way higher to the high wage of an Italian well paid).

While the majority of people in Italy can’t find a job, while the crisis is destroying every hope for young  people to create their own future, million of our public money has been used to pay parties and holidays for politicians.

Is this the right use of political money? For years now we’ve been said that there were no money for culture, for research, for university or progress and now we have to stand the fact that there were but for sex, drugs, holidays for the Others, that is for those who have got the power. Does power give you just more rights and no more responsabilities at all? 

Our country is a country where a political woman, sadly just well known for her b-side, N. Minetti, earns more than the UN General Secretary.

I’m simply disgusted and I can’t believe we’re going every day lower. But we are also because “our” artists, students, “our” brains but also “our” migrants are going away, fed up with a situation that is not improving at all.

Maybe there’s no more to fight for and even if there’s, now there’s no one left to resist.



2 thoughts on “Sogno o son desta?

  1. Well, generally speaking I think
    that a politician -or everyone who has
    a top position in both public and private
    sector- have to earn quite a lot of money.
    More: is needed, because on one hand there is
    meritocracy, which simply says that the best
    earns more than others;and on the other hand
    bribes are less atractive when you are rich.
    This generally speaking of course.
    In truth I do not understand the situation
    of my own country. Everywhere in the world,
    everyone want more power and more money, but
    such things happen only here.
    Will Europe save us? Is the only hope.
    Until then, quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina,
    patientia nostra ? Cicero has only one Catilina,
    italians have hundreds.

    1. At the beginning the idea of paying a politician was radical and a sign of enlightment because it allowed even poor people to leave their jobs to just look after their political affairs and involve in them. This was really really important and I do think that even now our rulers should earn a good wage because their job is full of responsability and what they decide deeply influences everyone that they should be well rewarded for taking care of the country. The problem here is that those who earn such a great amount of money – but I would like to underline the fact that these people in question earned (legally) ALREADY much, that is around 8,000 euros per month, before becoming thieves – DON’T DESERVE IT because they are doing the opposite of “serving” the country, they are depriving it of its life, of its dignity. The word “meritocracy” is simply senseless here in this case, when it’s cited it’s just to justify, in an illegitimate way, a disparity between the powerful ones and the others, even though the powerful ones appear to be the worst to be proud of.

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