New pages

I decided to open new pages to question three important themes to me: identity, arts and death. Three arguments that I think deeply related to each other.

We think, we say things, we live experiences always referring to an “I”, so what is it? Does this “thing” lay in the deepest of “us”, does it change through years? How can we say to be the same, what does it last after all? And then the genres, the culture…finally what constitutes our identity?

Arts and death have always been related. Art is a magic tool to communicate, to wonder, to criticize, to reflect and this is the reason I think it is so powerful. So in this little agorà I would like to share opinions and ideas about what art is and what can be said to be a piece of art . Speaking about death, we are so shocked to be mortal, we are so fashinated and scared by the end that I thought curious what we can, limited as we are, say about death and how we have faced and still are facing this big obscure event that deeply influences our own views on ourselves – identities change! Exorcing death through art or our different traditions is charming.

These pages are open to anyone who has got an opinion about these themes. Feel free to contribute to the debate.


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