Diversity is a richness, but, if as individuals we are different and we need different things to achieve our different goals, at the same time, as human beings, we are equals and we deserve the same respect, the same rights, those opportunities to join a decent standard of living.

Of course it is difficult to define the “decent standard of living”, but we have to think about it and spend some time on this issue to avoid such a situation in which a small amount of people has all the economical power and the huge rest has nothing, that is , stays a way below that line of decency that even if it is difficult to define in particular, I’m quite sure it’s not even close to those who live with, for example, less than 1 dollar per day.

Again, we could wonder if what matters is really just the chance to reach the threshold or equality in iitself. That is, we should try to see if it’s acceptable a world where the majority of people lives a decent life – letting aside again, for the sake of the argument, the definition of decency – and a tiny group lives with amazing belongings and properties or not. We could ask ourselves if such a disequality is bad in itself even if there’s nobody that lives a bad life, referring to resources at least, or not at all.

Surely, by seeing the disequality that affects the world, above all the developing countries, I’m deeply shocked.



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